Southwest Cancellation Policy Wanna Get Away

Being one of the leading airlines in the United States, Southwest Airlines offers the top of the line services to its passengers with a flexible cancellation policy. Though its cancellation policy may offer a full refund against the cancellation of the flight, Wanna get away tickets have a slighter tight policy to cancel the flight. In the event, you are not aware of the terms and conditions associated with it. And you are curious to know how to get a full refund against the Southwest flight cancellation you should read this article thoroughly.

How to cancel a flight on Southwest?

•    Before doing anything else, you need to log in to your account on the website.

•    Then you have to click on the My Account option on the right top corner of the screen.

•    Thereafter, you will see an option of Upcoming Flight on the screen as you choose that option, you will see the flights you have booked and you need to select the flight that you want to cancel.

•    After that, you should click on the Cancel Flight option then you can cancel your flight after confirming your action.

•    In addition, you can choose the option of refunding, if your ticket is eligible for a full refund, and your amount will be refunded as travel fund for the future use.

•    Otherwise, as per the Southwest cancellation policy wanna get away, you can get a travel refund and at the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the amount you will get on cancellation.

•    Further, you need to click on the Cancel Flight option in order to confirm the cancellation.

How would you use your Southwest Travel Fund?

•    Unexpectedly, the Southwest travel fund is not easy to use as other services of Southwest Airlines are. You would not know until you will search for Southwest travel refund as it will not show in your account. In order to know the travel refund amount, you must have the confirmation number associated with the travel refund.

•    A passenger can use the Southwest travel refund only for taxes, flights, and fees but cannot purchase a flight ticket for someone else.

How would you apply for travel funds to a new reservation?

Initially, you would require searching the flight as you normally do and then you have to check Passenger & Payment Info section.

Further, you will see a 'Southwest gift cards, travel funds, and Southwest LUV vouchers' drop-down tab in the Payment Method tab.

Then you need to choose that drop-down option in order to enter the travel fund details.

Besides, you will need to fill in the Confirmation Number and passenger's first and last name to utilize your travel fund.

Thereafter, you need to click on Apply Funds option in order to continue the process and finish your booking with the usual procedure. This is it!

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