What is Record Locator Number For American Airlines?

Many of the Airline companies are working on the introduce of record locator number. There are many advantages of this number and American Airlines has been launched the record locator facility. It is nothing but a specific number that is provided while the ticket booking so that you get the recent update of the flight scheduling and travelling pieces of information as well. Frequent flyers must be aware of this feature of the airlines' company but for the new users, it is a bit tough. For the more information about what is record locator number for American Airlines people can contact the support officer anytime. All the airlines' company provides the best support services also so if you have any doubt related to the record locator then you can directly contact the concerned person of the support team.

Why Is a Record Locator Important ?

  1. Through the record locator, you get a specific ticket number over the booked ticket details.
  2. This reference number can be used to track the traveling information from anywhere.
  3. You do not need to search for every each update individually.
  4. Smooth way to search the flight’s status your booking pieces of information etc.
  5. Even what kind of food you have selected while the ticket booking can be extracted just by entering the confirmation number.
  6. It is used as an identity of a passenger so that they could be located.
  7. The number is very useful during the online check-in.

In case you have booked a ticket for someone in your connection from your airline account then there is no need to provide your account detail to track the ticket. Just provide the American Airlines Reservations or confirmation number and the passenger would be able to track all the information just by entering that number. These are the point Why a Record Locator Important Is because your account credential and account remains secure.

Interconnection of record locator of American Airlines with other airlines:

Now to the concern of people are in higher range as always. Their concern is they have been the passenger of some different airline for a long time. Being the consisting passenger they earned many miles and points as well and they need to redeem all the points. For example, British Airways provided you the mile and if you are willing to redeem them into the American Airlines then confirmation number, as well as the American Airlines customer service, would be required. All the personnel are experienced in providing support for record locator so just find your answer from there.


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