Spirit Penny Flight

Book your ticket to your destination under Spirit Airlines Penny Flight

Spirit Airlines keeps on introducing amazing deals for its passengers. Being low-cost airlines, it constantly works to provide best services at affordable prices. To make it more affordable for its customers, Spirit Airlines has introduced Spirit Penny Flight which provides the best value to the customers. There are multiple advantages of Spirit Airlines penny flight services. A customer is given multiple discounts on fares to different destinations and offers on luggages. To get detailed information about offers and services of Spirit Airlines services, you can contact the customer care and if you wish to book your ticket based upon penny fares, you can do contact the customer care of Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Penny Fares

Spirit Airlines Penny Fares drops to 1 cent plus fuel, taxes and fees and is available for members
of Spirit’s $9 Fare Club members. The basis of the Spirit fares is round trip purchase.
These fares can also be combined with other Spirit Airlines fares for other dates of travel.
To purchase Penny Fares a customer has to buy it in advance.

For more details on Penny Fares, a customer can contact the customer care of Spirit Airlines and know about the same.

To book your ticket on Spirit Airlines, you can go through the following procedure:

  • Contact the customer care on Spirit Airlines helpline number.
  • Since you need to book your ticket under Spirit Airlines Penny Sale, you need to mention it to the Spirit Airlines Customer Service.
  • Customer care of Spirit Airlines searches regarding your requirement and you need to provide further details to book your ticket.
  • Make a payment.
If you need to add some itinerary, you can do it under Spirit Airlines manage booking services. Spirit Airlines bag fees when a person books ticket under Spirit Airlines penny fares is as follows:

  • For under-seat space, carry -on personal items specifications are as follows:
1.     A traveler can take along the personal items such as briefcase, purse, laptop Computer or backpack.
2.     The dimension of these items must be at most 16in X 14in X 12in.

  • For carryon bags that could be fit overhead bin space, dimensions must be at most 22in X 18in X 10 in
  • The items such as umbrella, outer garments which include hats, coats, wraps, camera, assistive devices, car seat/stroller, infant diaper bag, pet container, medicine, food for immediate consumption, reading material for the flight are exempted from carrying -on bag fees.   
  • One can also purchase the bag at gates and bought bags must be paid by credit card as cash is not accepted at gates.
A customer can also search for other offers and deals on the Spirit Airlines website and can book accordingly.

Spirit Airlines also provides the facility to book other amenities through Spirit Airlines websites like cruise services, hotel, car and vacation services.

If you need to add itinerary even if you have got your ticket booked, Spirit Airlines provides the facility to add the services onto your booking under manage booking section.

A customer can add the above-mentioned services like hotel, car on rent afterward even if tickets have already been booked.

To add the amenities onto booking under manage booking section, you can go through the following:

  • Click on My Trips tab on Spirit Airlines website.
  • Enter Traveler’s Last name and Confirmation Code.
  • Click on Continue button.
  • Provide further information to make changes to the booking.
Some more itineraries that can be added under manage booking section are:

  • Adding baggage: If you think that you need to carry more bags than that has been mentioned onto your ticket, then, you can add it under My Trips.
  • Adding more travelers: If more persons have decided to go along with you, you can add them onto your ticket under My Trips section.
There are many more services that can be added to Spirit Airlines reservations. For more information, you can contact the customer care. 


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